How to Eliminate and Remove Acne Scars

Healthy Media-New and Natural Ways to Remove Acne ScarsHaving acne as teenager is uncomfortable enough, but the scars often leaves behind can continue to plague as an adult. Acne scars are quiet common, but if they interfere in you path then treatment is the best option. There are two types of acne scars, depressed and raised. Depressed acne scars are the ones which look like pits on your skin. This type of scars occurs when you lose muscle or fat under the skin. Depressed scars which give your skin a wavy texture is called rolling acne scars and scars which look like sharp, narrow indents are call ice pick acne scars.

Raised acne scars appear above the skin’s surface. This type of scar become large over time and it can also be itchy and painful.

Steps to get rid of Acne Scars

Skin Regimen- Acne prone skin has a regimen that contains cleansing and toning with products which match your skin type. So you should cleanse and tone before you go to work or before going to bed.

550px-Get-Rid-of-Acne-Scars-at-Home-Without-Chemicals-Step-2Grated Raw Potato- Make a face mask with grated raw potato and use it twice in a week as this is very effective for all kind of skin scars.

Lemon Everyday- Squeeze one lemon into a glass of water and drink it first in the early morning as Vitamin C decreases black spot.

Moisturize- You should use good moisturizer which is light and which does not clog pores because it helps in preventing skin scars.

550px-Get-Rid-of-Acne-Scars-at-Home-Without-Chemicals-Step-5Lemon and Glycerin Face Mask- Make as face mask with one part freshly squeezed lemon juice and two parts glycerin and use it once a week.

Face Wash- you should always carry a pore minimizing face wash with you and you should always keep your skin clean.

Drinking Water- You should drink 8 glass of water in a day. This is good for all skin types and also keeps your skin radiant.

Avoid Harsh Chemical- Avoid soaps which are of harsh chemicals as acne prone skin is usually young and very sensitive.

Vegetable juice for healthy skin- Have a glass of vegetable juice with fresh lime three times a week. Because it keeps your skin healthy and your weight off.

550px-Get-Rid-of-Acne-Scars-at-Home-Without-Chemicals-Step-10Green Tea- Drink two or three cups of green tea in a day. This removes toxins from your body and also helpful in reducing dull skin.


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