Acupuncture For Acne

Acne Acupuncture The main cause of acne is hormone imbalance, when the level of testosterone hormone is increases then acne can occurs. Level of testosterone hormone is increases in the body with the age so that almost teen agers are suffering from acne. There are many type of treatments are available that can effectively treat acne but the most effective way to treat a bad acne is acupuncturing process. Acupuncture process can not treat only acne but it is also improve the mental and physical health. Many researchers are written about the acupuncturing technique and the main point they are described is: “it is effective and safe”.

This technique is discovered from thousand years ago by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they are discovered that acne can be treated without any side effects by applying this technique and herbal formulas.

How it Works

TCM founds that the channel of skin are associated with the organs of the body. Acne problems are most often associated with temperature and dankness affecting the channel of the lungs, spleen and stomach.

Lung – Lung is the main in-charge of the human skin, so that any type of skin problems are related to the lung such as eczema can occurs due to the lung problem. Lung can also control the closing and opening pores of the skin, and so that acne problems can occurs if lungs are not operate our skin functions in the proper way.

Stomach – We all know that the skin problems are related to the stomach, if the digestion process is not executed normally then stomach get warm and the extra heat can affect our skin and can generate acne and other skin related problems. Dankness in the stomach also may be a cause, which leads to oily skin.

Spleen – Spleen is also responsible for the skin related operation and function because spleen is the in-charge of digestion, so if it is not working orderly then many kind of skin related problems. If the digestion process is executing normally and harmonized then the body generates plenty of energy and is able to remove dampness.


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